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Add Fun & Functionality To Your Chat

streamlabs bot

For example, when playing particularly hard video games, you can set up a death counter to show viewers how many times you have died. Death command in the chat, you or your mods can then add an event in this case, so that the counter increases. You can of course change the type of counter and the command as the situation requires. But like any other job, there can be challenges if you are new to streaming and engaging your viewers to live.

Is Cloudbot free?

Cloudbot from Streamlabs is a chatbot that adds entertainment and moderation features for your live stream. It automates tasks like announcing new followers and subs and can send messages of appreciation to your viewers. Cloudbot is easy to set up and use, and it's completely free.

Users can utilize the bot to record quotes, queue to play with the streamer, and be rewarded with spendable currency. There’s certainly a reason that Ankhbot was so in demand. When it comes to customizing your streaming assets, StreamElements gives you more leeway than Streamlabs.

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Are you constantly doing longer 6-10 hour streams but completely forget to hydrate yourself? Hydrate ’ in the chat, and you’ll get regular intervals from this bot to hydrate yourself. Stream Elements is another popular bot that’s mostly used for its eye-catching overlays and animations. It has a bunch of spam filter presets that can help you keep your chat family-friendly. Wizebot is committed to giving you a single solution for all your Twitch-related requirements.

streamlabs bot

Our final bot to look at is Wizebot, and it seems to do the job perfectly well. Wizebot boasts an impressive number of features, all of which are completely free. We host your Moobot in our cloud servers, so it’s always there for you.You don’t have to worry about tech issues, backups, or downtime. You can adjust your Moobot and dashboard to fit the needs of you, your Twitch mods, and your community on Twitch. Go to and ensure you are logged in with your Twitch account.

Features of Streamlabs Chatbot for PC

Join-Command users can sign up and will be notified accordingly when it is time to join. A moderator bot, Moobot is one of the most efficient Twitch bots that does not require your attention and interaction. This is a popular chatbot that allows you to add any command you want to the stream. It offers basic functionalities like spam protection along with several advanced features like chat follower notification.

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I want to say that’s all there is to it and that’d be true, but I understand that all these steps can seem quite daunting for a newcomer. After creating a few commands, this will become second nature to you, guaranteed. Head towards SC, go to the Scripts section and reload the scripts.

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With media share, viewers can play music and videos on your stream. There are other ways to legally play music on your live streams, though, if you want to enrich your stream with music. Streamlabs chatbot allows you to create custom commands to help improve chat engagement and provide information to viewers. Commands have become a staple in the streaming community and are expected in streams. The counter function of the Streamlabs chatbot is quite useful. With different commands, you can count certain events and display the counter in the stream screen.

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It does take some development skills though, so you should know what you’re doing. You also get full integration with Discord, Twitter, TipeeeStream, StreamLabs, and StreamElements. Non-tech-savvy people won’t be able to reap the full benefits from Phantombot. With that said, here are the 10 best Twitch Bots you can use for your Twitch streams. Welcome to the world’s largest guide collection and resource for Twitch and streaming related guides since 2016. Watchtime is the most common name for this type of command, but if you want to name your command something like !

Record and stream Windows PC screen for free

Manage multiple virtual cameras and live stream to websites. A user can be tagged in a command response by including $username or $targetname. The $username option will tag the user that activated the command, whereas $targetname will tag a user that was mentioned when activating the command. This will give an easy way to shoutout to a specific target by providing a link to their channel. I don’t have much experience with it but i need the following command. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for other reasons.

streamlabs bot

This will return the date and time for every particular Twitch account created. Aitum didn’t just help our stream, it improved it in ways I couldn’t imagine. We had a POV system that took us months to figure out on other software, but took us 20 minutes to figure out on Aitum. Now we have over 71 rules that take all the stress out of streaming and put it to ease!

How to Install Streamlabs

You need high-quality streaming software if you want your streams to look good. There are many software out there that claims to give this chatbot service. Buckle up if you want to learn all about Cloudbot Streamlabs chatbot. Streamlabs is a very responsive platform that pushes out changelogs and many updates to make the application more compatible and bug-free. In this article, we will talk about what Twitch bots are and the ten best Twitch bots available for streamers. StreamElements is arguably the easiest bot to use for setting up a watchtime command since it already has one premade for its users.

Here you have a great overview of all users who are currently participating in the livestream and have ever watched. You can also see how long they’ve been watching, what rank they have, and make additional settings in that regard. Yes, you can use Cloudbot on mobile devices by downloading the Streamlabs mobile app. The app allows you to access all of Cloudbot’s features and commands from your mobile device.

Meet your Twitch bot, Moobot

To do this, right-click the Chatbot shortcut you created and select „Run as administrator.“ If you want the bot to post an in-chat notification, go to Notifications and enable the \sStreamlabs Donate Notification. Emit new event each time a Telegram Bot command is received. Talk Studio integrates Streamlabs applications and/or Widgets to offer you assistance when moderating chat, setting up tips or alerts, as well as,… Find out how to host your own awesome charity stream with Streamlabs Charity.

streamlabs bot

Follow the steps below to set up a shortcut to skip the setup wizard. Minigames require you to enable currency before they can be used, this still applies even if the cost is 0. Feel free to use our list as a starting point for your own. Similar to a hug command, the slap command one viewer to slap another.

How To Add The !watchtime Command On Twitch With StreamElements

This chatbot can also give auto commands, request a song, raffles, giveaways and more. A leading platform for live streamers, StreamElements can be used on YouTube and Twitch. Thus, you do not have to worry about what your stream is being used for as the bots will keep it clean. You can completely focus on your stream and making it more engaging.

streamlabs bot

What does Streamlabs bot do in discord?

Streamlabs Chatbot can join your discord server to let your viewers know when you are going live by automatically announce when your stream goes live. The bot can also answer to commands, run mini-games and post timers in the discord if you so prefer.

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